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Created for a High-Performance Living.

For Athletes in all fields
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The Kinetic Analysis is a full body muscle imbalance test that gives immediate answers to address mobility, strength and aches/pains. We utilize your data to prescribe the exact exercise program that matches your strength abilities. You will achieve safe and fast results. 


Muscle Imbalance Identification

  • 14 Strength Tests

  • Tests for stationary alignment, dynamic alignment, and muscle strength.

  • Identify weak muscles

  • Identifies High, Moderate, and Low Risk asymmetries (Risk of Injury)

  • Identifies root causes of tightness/decrease in mobility

  • Identifies root cause of aches and pains.

Provides Analytics

  • We prescribe the exact exercises and intensities you need for your exercise routine

  • You can utilize your exercise prescription on our DiDonato Sports Labs App

  • Allows us to track progress and keep your strength profile up-to-date. 

The Results


The Plan


Utilize your exercise prescription on our app training at your gym or with your trainer/coach. Come back every 12 weeks for analysis. 12 week agreement. 


Work with a specialist one-on-one 1-3X per week and includes muscle monitoring, nutrition, and training program on our app. 12 week agreement.

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Kinetic Analysis is A Wellness Software | Made for an hi-performing lifestyle

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