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Created for a High-Performance Living.

For Athletes in all fields
Ages 10+

Energy Tested
& Motion Approved.

The Kinetic Analysis is a full body muscle and movement analysis that gives immediate answers to address specific weaknesses that do not allow you to live a high-performance lifestyle. We can achieve results faster than ever with less stress on the body by utilizing specialized machines that match your strength profile. 


Muscle Imbalance Identification

  • We are able to identify & strengthen weak muscles immediately.
  • Decreases the risk of injury.
  • Identifies risk of injury.
  • Identifies root causes of pain, tightness, & discomfort.
  • Full Body Test.

Provides Analytics

  • Analytics help us devise and execute a training plan

  • Provides analytics to show Progress

  • 26 tests

  • They will receive a final report of our findings along with a plan to take immediate action 

  • Stationary alignment  testing

  • Dynamic alignment testing 

The Results

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Kinetic Analysis is A Wellness Software | Made for an hi-performing lifestyle

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